- Bra Frame (choose from a 34-B, Small D or Double D bra) w/ elastic straps and tear drop strap knot covers.  Choose either olive green, brown or gray micro suede for the bra lining.
- Adjustable Belt consisting of front and back plates & side hoops. 
(Choose from small - hips 34 inches & less, or medium - hips 35 inches & up)
- Slave Collar w/ hinged opening
- 4 Link Chain
- Hair Bun Holders (pair) w/ hair clips attached.
- Hair Braid Tooth w/ elastic ties
- Armband
- Bracelet
- Boot Tops (pair)
Click photo to enlarge
Here's what your bikini set will look like, along with the different color options.   Gold/Copper is considered the closest color to the original bikini costume, but all the paint jobs look very impressive.  We would also be happy to do a custom color of your choice at no extra charge.
   Our replica Slave Bikinis are made of a highly durable, light weight and semi-flexible urethane resin.  Each piece comes trimmed, sanded and fully painted for wear.  Here's what a bikini set includes....
All Halloween order returns must be sent back BEFORE Oct. 31st.

Price List

$390 with boot tops
$350 without boot tops
$55 extra for immitation silk skirts in Burgundy (other colors available)
$80 extra for real dupioni silk skirts in Burgundy (other colors available)
Shipping is $15 in the continental US, $35 overseas. 
Paypal payments can be sent to:

    Checks and money orders can be sent to:

Jamin Fite
P.O. Box 721010
Berkley, Michigan  48072

It normally takes between 2 to 4 weeks to complete an order.  Once your bikini ships, you will be emailed with a tracking number.  If you aren't completely satisfied with your order, you may send it back within 10 days of arrival for a prompt refund.

If you have any questions, feel free to email them to
The Replica Slave Bikini by LeiasMetalBikini.com
As worn by Olivia Munn on G4's Attack of the Show
and Nicole Malgarini on Spike TV!

Click below to see the videos:
Attack of the Show  "Rebel HQ on Yavin IV"
Attack of the Show  "Leia: There can be only one"
Spike TV  "CIV: Sexy Slave Leia Photo Shoot"
Attack of the Show  "Slave Ladies with Talent"

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Frequently Asked Questions

If it's just a bikini, why is it so expensive?
Although it's a skimpy outfit, the costume actually consists of over 25 individual parts made by hand.  Each part is cast from a mold, trimmed, sanded and then finally painted and assembled.  Many long hours go into the process.

Can I get a longer chain?
Sure!  Just let us know how many links you want and we'll quote you a price.

Where can I find the right boots?
First, you will want your boot color to match your bra lining.  It really ties the whole outfit together, color-wise.  So if your bra is lined in olive green, get some olive green boots if you can.  The type of material for the boots should be suede or suede-like and the heel should be flat.  You can often find great boots between $20 to $30 on eBay.  Do a search with these key words and you're bound to find something....

"suede flat boots"
"suede scrunch boots"
"suede slouch boots"

This seller
here is known to have excellent boots at a great price.

What should I wear for underwear?
Although it's technically accurate to the movie to not wear anything, it's not advisable when going out in public.  It's really important to wear something under the outfit, for your own protection.  A thong with clear sides is a very popular undergarment.  Another option would be a
C String, which eliminates panty lines.  They can often be found on eBay for less than $10.

If I make my own skirts, what do you recommend for material and color?
For a reasonably priced material, an immitation silk called "Silkessence" works wonderfully.  It's very light weight, easy to clean, and has a great raw silk texture and shine to it.  It can be found at the JoAnne Fabrics
website.  "Wine" would be a great color choice, as well as "Purple", "Red" and "Fuchsia".

For real silk, dupioni material would be another good recommendation.  It also has a nice raw silk texture and shine to it.  It is also a little more heavier weight than the immitation silk.  Just be sure to wash it first before cutting it out, since it will shrink quite a bit.  Use a cold/gentle cycle for your washer, then throw it into the dryer.  This process will loosen the fabric up and make it much more soft.  You can find this material on eBay in a variety of colors including Burgundy, Purple and Red.  And be sure to get 2 yards, since it will shrink.

Can I buy bikini parts separately?
Absolutely!  Just
email us what individual parts you want and we'll quote you a price.