Through trial and error, some fans have discovered their own methods for creating this costume.  So here are the best places on the net that give instructions on how to make Leia's slave outfit.  Once you've finished your work of art, please email a photo! Only with your help will our "Slave Revolution" continue to grow....

Katanna, aka Mirax, made Leia's slave outfit along with a second outfit of her own design.  She took lots of pictures during the process.

Princess Tania of Alderaan
Tania also found a way to make this outfit and submitted the instructions
Slave Bikini Builders
A continuing discussion on making the metal bikini.  Lots of good articles and helpful members!  An all around awesome group!
For those who are looking to build their own metal bikini, Mirax has compiled a huge number of reference photos to help you out.  Just click the link on the left for more info and to place an order.

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A forum devoted to cons and costuming, with a special section for the Slave Leia Harem.  It's a "ladies only" area where costumers can discuss the best strategy on building the bikini.  Email the forum moderator for access.