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1)  Tell us a little bit about yourself, your hobbies and background.

I'm a Texan, born and raised.  I have been a film and stage actress for many years and I recently joined a burlesque dance group, The Lollie Bombs.  I'm extremely busy these days acting, dancing and also teaching theatre to kids.  I also play the piano and I'm a passionate vegetarian.  I have been a Star Wars fan all my life.  Star Wars is not just a movie to me, it is a beautiful saga built on ancient myths and stories.  I like that it is not just entertainment, it has meaning.

2)  How long have you been costuming?  What kinds of experiences have you had?

I am not really a costumer, but I couldn't afford to buy the complete bikini, so I got a sewing machine and spent lots of time on the fabric parts of the bikini.  Once I did make an Amidala costume - in a very little size!  When Episode 1 came out, I really wanted the end celebration outfit fro the 12" Amidala doll I had.  So I made it myself.  It was very time consuming to make it just right, but I'm always glad I did it!

3)  What's your earliest memory of seeing
Return of the Jedi?

Unfortunately, my memories from youth are not that clear.

4)  When did you get your first "metal bikini" and what drove you to it?

    Ever since I joined the Lollie Bombs, it was a dream of mine to create a burlesque dance based on the Leia bikini.  Please note:  this is NOT any kind of adult show, nor is there anything over PG-13.  I am a modest person in real life, but on stage I enjoy being sexy.  I wanted to do a dance where I start in Leia's white dress and then take it off to reveal the metal bikini underneath.  I started with the Star Wars disco music, then Leia's theme, the cantina music and the Imperial March from the soundtracks.  It was lots of fun to create and present to fans at the 2007
All-Con in Dallas.  Carey Hawkins (Obscenities) sold me the raw hard parts of the bikini and I had a friend trim and paint them.  I did all the fabric parts myself.

5)  What is your favorite memory of appearing as Slave Leia?

    So far I've only done it once, on stage, at the All-Con.  But I look forward to performing again!  Boy, the crowd reaction when I took off the white dress and they realized I was wearing the bikini was quite a rush.  They got really excited again at the end when I had a Boba Fett wrap chains around me.

6)  If you danced for Jabba the Hutt, what song would you dance to and why?

   Probably the cantina music since I already have a cute flapper-style dance choreographed to it!

7)  Any final words?

    Thanks for the website and links, I couldn't have done the costume without it!  To see more of me and my dance group, here are links: is mine and the group's is  We are a new dance group in Dallas and we have a classy artistic burlesque revue.

Thanks Kitty!

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