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1)  Tell us a little bit about yourself, your hobbies and background.

My name is Slave M, I am 18 and I live in Nashville, TN.  I enjoy music and writing.

2)  How long have you been costuming?  What kinds of experiences have you had?

Every Halloween....    does that count?  I just like dressing up because I feel like I get to play around and become who I am dressing up as.  It's great and a lot of fun!

3)  What's your earliest memory of seeing
Return of the Jedi?

I think I was 10 and the theaters were rereleasing it.  My father took the whole family to see it.

4)  When did you get your first "metal bikini" and what drove you to it?

    A few months ago for a convention (Chattacon 32).

5)  What is your favorite memory of appearing as Slave Leia?

    Seeing how people reacted and taking all the photographs with people.

6)  If you danced for Jabba the Hutt, what song would you dance to and why?

   "Animal" by Nickleback because it's a cool, sexy party song and it's always fun to dance to.

Thanks Slave M!