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1)  Tell us a little bit about yourself, your hobbies and background.

Well, I went to art school for animation, but cosplaying is my passion!  I've had a lot of time recently to costume since I married my American hubby and immigration hasn't approved my work papers yet  *L*  I'm Canadian, by the way.

2)  How long have you been costuming?  What kinds of experiences have you had?

It seems I was born costuming  *L* , but the earliest pictures I have myself in a costume I've sewn is from 1998.  Looking back at them, I look like a huge dork, but I remember having so much fun!  I like trying to make costumes that are a challenge and I love dressing up.  I have noticed that wearing a metal bikini gets you a lot more attention than most costumes.   :-)

3)  What's your earliest memory of seeing
Return of the Jedi?

Earliest memory?  I think my first exposure to ROTJ was when the Movie Channel was first available for cable.  My aunt kept complaining that she didn't want to see "whiny Mark Hamill" anymore because they kept repeating the same movies over and over again  *L* .   I didn't really get to appreciate the Star Wars series until it was re-released a few years back.

4)  When did you get your first "metal bikini" and what drove you to it?

    The pictures you see is my first metal bikini!  The reason I made it was because I recently lost about 40lbs ('cause I was getting married) and I needed to celebrate my accomplishment with some kind of costume.  The metal bikini was the answer!  It's revealing and sexy, but it's not completely slutty (unless you want it to be  *L*) and it was also an interesting costume challenge.  It was a joy to make and I'm excited to make version 2.0!

5)  What is your favorite memory of appearing as Slave Leia?

    Chicken dancing with a friend also dressed as Leia (ANH Ceremonial Gown).  A couple beers and the appropriate tunes and we had some of the funniest video footage I've ever seen.  *L*

6)  If you danced for Jabba the Hutt, what song would you dance to and why?

  "Baby Got Back" from Sir Mixalot   *L* .  Not only is it an early 90's classic, but seeing as Jabba looks like a giant turd, I think it's appropriate.  That, and I'm pretty happy with my new butt.   :-)

7)  Any final words?

    Good luck to all the future slave bikini wearers!  May your glue hold strong!

Thanks Taters!
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